Hey--take 10 minutes to fill this out, we'll all learn something about you and maybe you'll learn a thing or two about yourself. Copy and fill it out and send it to your address list and make sure to send back to the person who sent it to you. Or Not.

(My friend Star sent this to me...)

1. What time is it?
4:06 pm
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate?
Kathleen Carol Lehnherr
3. Nicknames?
Mom (I wish it was Kate)
4. Parents names?
Mother: Winifred Faye Huff Lehnherr Steele Borgialli
Father: James Robert Lehnherr
5. Number of candles that appeared on your last
There should have been 46, but I think one did the trick.
6. Date that you regularly blow them out?
November 6
7. Pets?
Rusty Moe the Catahoula
8. Height? 5' 6"
9. Piercing?
One in each ear -- one of the stupidest things I have ever done.
10. Tattoos?
You must be kidding. Read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer. Besides, there's enough pain in life without deliberately setting yourself up for it.
11. How much do you love your job?
A lot -- most of the time...
12. Birthplace?
Rochester, Minnesota
13. Favorite vacation spot?
Anyplace with a museum...
14. Been to Africa?
No, and absolutely no urge to go there.
15. Been toilet-papering?
Nope. But I admired Donny Huppert's in eight grade.
16. Been in a car crash?
Several...luckily never hurt in a car crash.
17. Croutons or bacon bits?
Both -- but it's gotta be real bacon and it's nice if the croutons are from the Park Avenue Bakery.
18. 2 door or 4 door car?
4-door 1976 Volvo wagon that is, as Zen says, "the rattiest car in America".
19. Coffee?
Never had a cup in my life.
20. Salad dressing?
Raspberry vinagrette, curry dressing from Big Dorothy's, Soy Vay, Annie's
Sesame Ginger Dressing.
21. Color of socks?
Black today. And most days.
22. Favorite number?
23 -- Shakespeare's birthday
23. Favorite movies?
Citizen Kane
Le Regle de Jeu
Ball of Fire
Adventure (with Clark Gable and Greer Garson)
The Man Who Wasn't There ("recency effect")
Sandakan 8
The Last Wave
Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring (gotta see 'em together)
American Graffiti
The Right Hand Man
McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Rancho Deluxe (local favorite)
24. Favorite Color?
Sky blue.
25. Favorite Holiday?
I'm giving up on Christmas after THIS year. My birthday. Shakespeare's birthday (and death date) April 23. Actually, I never met a holiday I didn't like.
26. Favorite Food?
Anything that someone else cooked just for me, chocolate (after all, since it's a bean, it's a vegetable), Nori rolls, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, liver and onions, steaks cooked rare, salads at Big Dorothy's or Miller's, pasta at Salvatores, anything from Toi's.
27. Favorite day of the week?
28. Song of the moment?
My favorite is always Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Radio shows, though, are what really strike me: Zed's Wednesday show called "Dancing with Tradition" that has all kinds of world music, Bob Preste's "Blues After Hours" on Wednesday nights, Thursday's jazz show with Jon Jackson, the Pea Green Boat. All on KUFM.
29. TV show?
THE SOPRANOS! Ally McBeal, That Seventies Show, ER, Moonlighting, M*A*S*H*, anything on AMC.
30. Toothpaste?
31. Most recently read books?
Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier, Licks of Love and In the Beauty of the Lilies by John Updike, currently reading The Best Short Stories of 2000, edited by E.L. Doctorow, and The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (and the New Yorker every Thursday).
32. Favorite Flower?
Bleeding hearts (after all, I AM a liberal), lilacs, bridal's wreath.
33. Favorite Scent?
Spring mornings, the smell of those three old growth trees up at the top of Great Divide on a day warm enough for them to get THAT smell, the backs of
my sons' necks (okay, babies generally), sandalwood, patchouli, Skin (a musk perfume by Bonnie Bell) and the perfume Opium (which I can never afford but that David Thompsen got me for this birthday -- I love it!).
34. Favorite things?
Skiing, sacred herb, movies, and making love. Not necessarily in that order.
35. Fast food place?
Sausage biscuits at McDonald's, I'm ashamed to say. Before 10 week days and 11 on Sundays...
36. When was your last hospital visit?
When Kevin got his nose broken when he was beat up in the high school parking lot a couple of months ago.
37. Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate made by Ray at the General Mercantile, Bailey's Irish Cream after skiing, Sake One, Diet Squirt every day.
38. How many times did you fail your driver's license test? written or
driving portion?
Three times. Duh. I didn't get a driver's license until I was thirty.
39. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Skiing in Switzerland? Happier?
40. What do you do when your bored?
Split the ends of my hair.
41. What words or phrases do you over use?
Ah, geez.
De gustibus non est disputantum.
No rest for the weary.
It's time for you to go to bed!!!
42. Furthest place you sent this email?
43. Bedtime?
When I feel like it.
44. Who will respond the fastest?
Dave, Star, Wayne.
45. Who is least likely to respond?
My little brother, Dina, Jon.
46. What is the meaning of life?
To know love... (I'll bet you didn't know I was such a sap!)
47. Three things you can't live without:
Kevin and Zen, and my computer.
48. Your preferred U.S. President:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
49. Preferred Death Rites:
Cremate me and put me in someone's tomato bed so the next year they'll say, "Oh, that Kathleen, what a tomato!"
50. What do you love about the person who sent this:
Star is one of the most amazing and beautiful women I know. I admire her all the time. She has one of the best gardens in Helena.

January 16, 2002
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