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"Getting A Web Site", Internet Navigating (regular column), Intermountain Woman, Spring, 1997.

"Miss December, 1995", Intermountain Woman, Winter, 1997.

"Miss December, 1995", Saucebox, Winter, 1996.

"Sex/Ski/Ska", Saucebox, Fall, 1996.

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"The Dinosaur Suit", Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID, 1993.

"Bitterroot", Seeds, Pecan Grove Press, San Antonio, TX, 1996.

Articles and film reviews too numerous to mention in The Exponent (Montana State University), The Kaimin (University of Montana), the Billings Gazette, and the Missoulian.


"Transforming the Myth: The Selling of the Church Universal and Triumphant", Popular Arthurian Culture, Popular Culture Press, Bowling Green, OH


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Esquire puts Montana as a separate planet in the literary universe...we're pretty far out there.  Some great writers come from Montana and living here I've got to meet quite a few of them.  Here are some I recommend:

My very favorite is a novella by Jim Harrison that was made into a film, Legends of the Fall. I met him on May 24, 2002, at the Livingston Bar and Grill, this wily looking handsome old guy at the bar. The first thing that popped out of my mouth was "Few men have given me as many hours of pleasure as you have." True, and it suited him just fine.

A River Runs Through It, Norman McLean

I love all the new mysteries by Montana writers, especially Sandra West Prowell and Jamie Harrison (Jim's daughter).  They take place in Billings and Livingston respectively, both places where I have lived and they're true to their place.  My friend, Peter Bowen is a wonderful writer, too -- his Metis detective has a clear and powerful voice.


First off, I'd have to say that the best novel of the twentieth century probably wasn't written in English...I think it's Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude.  When Modern Library came out with its problematic list, I methodically read the ones I hadn't already read (about 26), and that's still my conclusion.

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