Current Course Offerings

Internet Walkabout

A non-technical introduction to the Internet, this two hour class examines the Internet from a variety of perspectives. Learn about the Internet’s growth, structure and content and the various ways of connecting to the Internet. Internet applications, such as e-mail, telnet, FTP, and the World Wide Web will be described and illustrated with on-line, hands-on demonstrations. An excellent introduction to the information superhighway—you’ll soon be cruising. Two hours: $45.

Surfin' Safari

Ever feel overwhelmed when trying to find specific information on the Internet? Attend this class to learn strategies for locating the key information you need. We’ll discuss using various Internet tools such as Archie, Veronica, and the World Wide Web to track down information, as well as identifying and using subject based Internet guides on-line. To make this seminar even more practical, you will practice searching for items covering your particular area of interest. Two hours: $45.

Weaving the Web

A six hour course on the basic tools needed to design, maintain and market a Web site. The first two hours focus on the basic tools needed. The second two hours are devoted to actual construction of a working site. The final two hours concentrate on the extensive marketing strategies necessary to have an effective Web site which really sells your products. Six hours: $300.

Proven track record. You can pay less for similar courses but this one teaches you what actually works on the Web!

Design Your Own

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Internet Navigating also offers training sessions with customized content for groups. In addition to the classes listed here, we offer classes on FTP and telnet, and newsgroups/Internet mailing lists. Courses of special interest to lawyers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals are available. We can also teach basic computer applications such as DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, and the components of Office 2000. Please contact us to discuss your needs, for course information and for information on rates and scheduling.

Teaching Tomorrow's Technology Today

Travelling the Information Superhighway has just gotten easier. Internet Navigating will help you set up your account, introduce you to the software that will get you up and running, then take you cruising on the Net. The owner of Internet Navigating, Kathleen Ely, has been surfing the Net for over twelve years, and she will work one-on-one with you on your home machine, or design workshops suited to your business. In addition, she will also help you develop a Web presence, helping you to use the Internet to its fullest potential. Don't be left behind--get your Internet Navigating skills today!

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