A crude way of listing my favorite movies. Maybe some day I'll write about why I will always watch these films any time.

Black and White

  • Citizen Kane (One of the most beautiful films ever made with masterful cinematography, with profound political commentary on our country.)
  • Manhattan (I adore Woody Allen...)
  • La Règle du jeu (This French classic always touches me.)
  • Adventure (Now you know I'm a hopeless romantic.)
  • Ball of Fire (Sweet and funny...)


  • Sandakan 8 (I love Japanese films and this one has everything...)
  • The Last Wave (Australian film by the great Peter Weir...)
  • American Graffiti (Growing up in Livingston, Montana, this was typical of life there. Or is it the vision of women here?)
  • Rear Window (The best of Hitchcock? Well, there's a lot to choose from.)
  • McCabe and Mrs. Miller (My favorite Western, something I should know about, living as I do in Montana.)

And absolutely anything with Humphrey Bogart...

So I'm crazy about the movies. I worked for seven years in a small art film house in Missoula, Montana, the Crystal Theatre.

Crystal Theatre

I'm lucky enough to live two blocks from a really fine art film house in Helena, Montana, the Myrna Loy Center.

Myrna Loy Center

We're lucky to have the Internet Movie Database to look up most every film. I also find the following useful:

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